Helping to Improve Livelihoods

Incessant Poverty

Sub-Saharan Africa has 10 percent of the world’s population, bears 24 percent of the global burden of disease and has only 3 percent of the world’s total numbers of health workers, 28.8 million people are infected with HIV/AIDS [more than 70%] of infected people live in Sub-Saharan Africa according to WHO (World Health Organisation).


Sizeable rural populations, low levels of economic development and high rates of HIV/AIDS infection exacerbate the challenges of providing rural health care, education and improving Livelihoods in Africa, especially in countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia and Tanzania.



Save lives, by donating today. Your donation can help to transform lives in Africa

By volunteering for River Africa you will join a strong movement of individuals from all walks of life who share one goal – to contribute to the reduction of chronic poverty in Africa.

RIVER AFRICA aims to reduce the extreme suffering caused by chronic poverty. Including economic inactivity, and marginalisation, preventable and

treatable diseases in hard-to-reach rural

areas of Sub-Sahara Africa. We aim to achieve this through the provision of

interventions generated and engendered through intensive contributions from local community members and organisations.

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