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Chicken Project: RIVER Africa is committed to the empowerment of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS in Zimbabwe, with the goal of improving the quality of their lives through the implementation of this capacity building project. The Poultry project, which was implemented at Greenleaf orphanage  should generate much needed funds, which will contribute to the financial wellbeing of the orphanage.





Reproductive Health Club 


RIVER Africa is committed to paying tuition fees for 42 primary school children on Chisi Island. The school project will also provide uniforms, stationary and two hot meals per day for students.


It is anticipated that these young people will stay in school instead of working; they will learn how to protect themselves from STI’s. The education provided is anticipated to help them escape the bonds of chronic poverty and provide them a childhood they deserve, leading to improved life chances.




In order to raise funds to build the Mother and Baby Hospital, RIVER Africa seeks to embark on an independent chicken initiative to be run commercially. The profits generated will help in the construction of the Hospital and its sustenance including a volunteer village in Zimbabwe.






River Africa is in the process of acquiring Land with the intention of building a volunteer village.


The village will be a central focus of initiating capacity-building programs that support the development of sustainable solutions to community challenges.


It will provide a hub for generating ideas that seek to reduce chronic poverty, generate income from rentals and from a chicken project run commercially.


The village will house international volunteers from around the world, providing safe and secure accommodation and a place to recharge batteries before embarking on community projects.



If you want to help us raise money to complete the volunteer village, chicken project or the Hospital, please contact us

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